Get_chart_data(data) set minimum values for y-axis

Hello all,
I managed to make my report with graphs (very happy :wink: )

Now I am wondering how I can set up a minimum value on the y-axis. The idea is to highlight better the differences between each term (it can’t be seen on the pictures because the scale is too big).

You can see what I have done using “axis”: {“y”: …} , but it doesn’t work. Any idea on how to change it?

  def get_chart_data(data):
	if not data:
		return None

	labels =  []
	datasets = []

	for entry in data:
		if entry.get("program") not in labels:
		if entry.get("academic_term") not in terms:

	return {
		"data": {"labels": labels, "datasets": datasets},
		"type": "bar",
		"height": 300,
		"axis": {"y": {"min": 150}}

Thanks in advance for any tips/help.


Still seeking help/advice :woozy_face: