Get checked data from doctype list

Hi, I want to get the selected employee information on console so that I can use it for insert another table. Like the screenshot I want to get when the menu option clicked and checked information only will get.
Please help

Here is more specific image for what I want

Can you share your code in which you added the “Show User Data” menu button?
Maybe I can extend it to what you want…

  1. You’ll need to make a custom_employee_list.js and include it in

`doctype_list_js = {“Employee”: “public/js/custom/custom_employee_list.js”}

  1. In that javascript file, you can use a jQuery selector to find the selected records and then trigger the function you want. I don’t recommend using vanilla JS in Frappe (or any context where there are already events bound to jQuery functions).

This definitely do-able, but tricky. Be patient.