Get Customer PO ref on item level delivery and invoice

How can I get the PO reference of the customer, on the item level of the delivery and invoice? Sometimes I deliver multiple PO’s of the customer on one delivery, and one invoice.

How would I be able to do this?

I tried fetch from sales order.po_no to insert at customizing, but this doesn’t do the trick.

Any help is appreciated!

Thanks and regards

I managed to get it on Delivery Note through above.

Anybody know how to get it from delivery note to Invoice?

I think you should be able to fetch it from the purchase order against which you are making your invoice

But if you make invoice from delivery note? Does it copy from field delivery to field invoice?

Is this field available in that delivery note ? If yes, then we can fetch it.

please share a screenshot of the delivery note, redact any sensitive details. also share if the screenshot of the area in invoice where you want to get it fetched. i need to know if it is the parent invoice doctype or do you want to get it fetched in the child doctype, i.e. the items table

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I think I got it to work in the delivery note item, will test today and share a screenshot asap.

It indeed is about the invoice items. On item line I want to mention PO (or, if possible, create a “break” for each po number).