Get data from doctypes without namefield

Is it possible to get data from doctype without using name field or is it possible to have multiple name fields in a doctype?


Can you explain bit more? What do you want to achieve?

yes, the name field is not mandatory for fetching data from doctype.

I have a doctype which has all the bank details. It has IFSC as a name field. Now I want to access the data using MICR number. How can we do that?

Is that MICR number is unique for each bank details form? If yes then you can filter doctypes using MICR number otherwise it will be confusing as there are multiple doctypes with Same MICR number.
There must be some unique filter to fetch data from one form.

There are multiple ways to get data from doctype.

frappe.get_doc(doctype, filters or name)

frappe.db.get_value(doctype, name/filtres , fieldname/[list of fields])

or you can use sql query for the same
Check this for more details - frappe.database

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yes MICR is also unique.

Then, you can try methods mentioned in a previous reply.
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