Get Employees (with "Salary Based on Timesheet") on Payroll Entry

Hello All,
How do we fetch Employees whose Salary is based on Timesheet on the Payroll Entry.
Fetching the employees works well if the Payroll Frequency is defined on the Salary Structure. But when you base Salary based on Timesheet, the Payroll Frequency field is removed and hence during the Payroll Entry, one cannot fetch Employees whose Salary is Based on Timesheet.

This means that for such employees, manual Salary Slips will have to be created.

Anyone has a workaround or solution for this?


Nope you don’t need to do that, it can be very well done by payroll entry itself.

You can follow these steps:

Create a salary structure where you check ‘Salary based on timesheet’ and fill the salary component you want to track via timesheet along with hour rate. You can also fill out the standard earnings and deductions. Screenshot attached below:

Then fill out the timesheets capturing the overtime. See below:

Then create a payroll entry and select ‘Salary slip based on Timesheet’ and you will get option of ‘Get employees’. Only those employees name will be fetched where ‘Salary based on timesheet’ is checked in salary structure.

Then you can create salary slips.



Hi @Reema_Mehta
Thanks for your response.
How do I create payment entry from Individual Salary Slip? And how to view Salary Paid to individual employees?


When you submit salary slips via payroll entry, it will automatically generate an accrual entry in your books and then you can make a bank entry from the payroll entry itself.