Get From Sales Order in Pos View


Ànybody know where to customize to get sales order button appear in Pos View of Sales Invoice?

I mean in Pos View we can pull sales order data like on form view…


@jof2jc, you can explaing the use case? Because the POS view already exists for Sales Order, but the most important POS View is not only a nice look for transactions, but is a directive in the ERP to reduce the process in the flow!

In the POS View, a Sales Invoice is reduced from the Stock and Delivered in the time of the transaction!

@max_morais_dmm I mean in POS View, I cannot get data from other document.

In Form view i.e. in sales invoice form, there are sales order and delivery note button to pull data.

I want to get these button appear in POS view…

@jof2jc you need customize the POS view or open a issue for this, but the use case is not clear yet!

@max_morais_dmm my use-case is the whole sales-cycle is using POS View, but with no those buttons to pull from other documents cannot be done.

Do you know where to customize this? I think it just copy and paste the buttons from form view to POS View?


@jof2jc switch to form view, pull sales order, switch back to pos view.

How to enable POS view in Delivery Notes form or Sales Order form etc.
I did not find the view button in any form, any help.