Get IncorrectSitePath, "{0} does not exist" and ./localhost/site_config.json does not exist in production mode

hi all,

I got the above error and cannot start the beginning page of erpnext. My meaning of production mode as:

  1. installed by this command “sudo bash --setup-production”
  2. using supervisor and nginx to start

When the above procedure has problem, i use this command “~/frappe-bench> bench start” to start, it can start and work normally. So the installation should be successful.

Could you please to give me suggestion how to solve the above issues?


Sorry to bother you all.

I just did the “bench update”, then start supervisor and nginx, still has problem. Shutdown them again. After a while i restart, it seems work. I still observe these issue, will it again? I guess may be my browser cache for first time error after “bench update”.


Hi yan,

It is best to post specific error traces / logs when you encounter error. Otherwise we are as clueless as you are :smile: