Get Item Code to Use #### Autoincrement?


I am to using the item_code for naming items in ERPNext (the pre saving check to tell you the number is in use is great and it works better for our part number naming conventions, unfortunately the Naming Series option adds numbers at the ends of all number, which doesn’t work for us).

My question is, for the item_code is there a way to use the .#####. convention to add an autoincrementing number in the same way that is present in the Naming Series?

@pmjd I am confused here what is the issue with naming series ? can you provide screenshots ?

The Naming Series works as long as you have a number to increment. If you don’t then it creates issues, particularly when you are trying to work with an established part number system.

In my case I have 6 item_groups, each has a different format.
4 of them are concatenated together from values entered in other custom fields.
i.e. {custom1}-{custom2}-{custom3}-{custom4}
The 5th uses some values from custom fields, with a 4 digit autoincrementing number at the end.
The 6th is a set prefix with 4 autoincrementing number, ITEM-.####.

The issue is that if I try to use the Naming Series for the first 4, it then adds additional numbers at the end. See below, I have two fields with values CGM and 123, then Naming Series adds 00001 etc. to the end.

I just want to use the values entered. This does not work for Naming Series. Item Code works perfectly for this and warns if the combination is already taken. Except in the cases where you do have a category that you want to have an incrementing number, Item Code does not work for this and I can see no way to easily achieve this.

Do you have any insight on this?

@pmjd you cant use both auto increment and fields type in same doctype . if you want 2 types of naming in same doctype you have to write scripts

Ok, thanks.