Get items from modal, add custom field

I need to add a custom field in the columns of the “get items from” modal. Also, add it as a filter will be great.

There is a way to make it possible with custom scripts or overriding some method? This is configurable?


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@federico_calvo No this is not possible out of the box. What is the use case?

hi @federico_calvo can you tell me how did you do that popup I need to do one so thank you

@Christian_Sanchez I couldn’t modify it without touch the code of ERPNext so I went for another solution to my problem.

can you tell me how you did it

hello is there any other way to achieve this at all

Same issue plz help us


may you share how you resolved this?

@federico_calvo- just bumping up this request :slight_smile:

Hi @Eli, we end up modifying the core code

@federico_calvo- thanks for feedback.

Hi @federico_calvo, can you share which file you modified?