Get Outstanding Voucher in Payment Tools

In Payment tool i have select
Party Type=Supplier
Supplier=any supplier name
Received Or Paid=Paid
than press “Get Outstanding Voucher” than all outstanding voucher is going to populate in table section
For Ex:
Against Voucher Type=Purchase Invoice
Against Voucher No=PINV0001
Total Amount=XXXXX
Outstanding Amount=XXXX
Payment Amount=we can enter amount here

Here i want to get Supplier Invoiec No:(bill_no) which we are entering in purchase invoice.
for better understanding see this image

Please help me about it because i already try in code but didn’t get the result. May be i am doing some mistake…So please help me


You can achieve this in following steps:

  1. Insert Custom Field in Payment Tool (already done).
  2. Write a custom script for Payment Tool. Example Below.

Please check below example of Custom Script.

To have Supplier Invoice No updated in payment tool, you will have to reselect Purchase Invoice Id in the Against Voucher No. field. Check following link for example.

Sir very thanks to you for your reply and valuable answer but i don’t want go like that. Like in any invoice and again select against voucher no and than that sales_invoice_no will come…! I want to fill that field or Text box when we press
“Get Outstanding Voucher”…
Same like Total amount of that particular Purchase invoice is going to be fill or coming…There we no need to go to select an against_voucher_no…!
So give me any solution like that.
Thanks in advance