Get popup "Session Start Failed"

Suddenly all my sites giving this popup when login to desk.
Blank page only the splash image shown.

I didn’t change anything on frappe and these sites don’t have erpnext isntalled (not even erpnext on the bench’s apps folder).
The bench is in production mode.
The browser console have these:

The source Tab on the browser console points to this part of file:

 if (this.setup_frappe_vue(), this.load_bootinfo(), this.load_user_permissions(), this.make_nav_bar(), this.set_favicon(), this.setup_analytics(), this.set_fullwidth_if_enabled(), this.add_browser_class(), this.setup_energy_point_listeners(), this.setup_copy_doc_listener(), frappe.ui.keys.setup(), frappe.ui.keys.add_shortcut({

Where else should I check to see what is wrong?