Get started with V7 vm and switch to cloud possible? Or start cloud V6 and wait?

I’m loving ERPnext and currently working on convincing my CEO to use your amazing product AND service. I’ve determined that the features our company requires are only available in V7 (RFQ’s, better visual reporting…).

What I’m trying to figure out is this:
We would be using your hosted cloud version, which right now is at version 6. Am I better off importing into and setting up my version 6 cloud trial and having it presumably “switch” to version 7 when it’s ready, test, and deploy to the company? Or should I setup a virtual machine of version 7 for importing into(no Linux here so it would have to be a VM) and then somehow magically merge it into a cloud account when they switch to V7, test, and then deploy it to the company?

I similar question was asked recently but for self-hosted.

Thanks for the advice!

The answer depends on how much time you’re okay to wait. We don’t instantly roll-out ERPNext 7 on our cloud account to everyone, we stage our releases, so it might take longer, say 2 months from now or so for if you’re okay with that a cloud account would be best, as it is the most stable and reliable option.

When we do release ERPNext 7, say, possibly, at the end of this month, if you’re a self-hosted user, you can use it ASAP, by running a single command and updating everything. There is no ERPNext 7 VM as of now, you will have to use the Production VM, run bench switch-to-develop in the VM to get ERPNext 7.

Unfortunately there is no easy magic to move everything to the Cloud Account. Once ERPNext 7 releases, you’ll have to get back to the master branch (right after it releases) and then you can take a backup of the system with the files and contact our support, so we can manually upload your data there.

Overall, I would recommend waiting it out if you can, and use the current ERPNext 6 on the cloud, as it’s the most stable option. Apart from that, if you are self-hosting (using a VM or a VPS) you will need to manage it, and fix issues if they ever occur.

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