Get Sub-assembly Item Valuation Rate from it's BOM Total Cost

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At the moment we have multiple sub-assemblies with 0 valuation rate, with BOM’s built out of purchased items. Now I can’t start any production orders, because the sub-assemblies’ valuations rates are 0. Does this mean I have to manually go and look at the total cost for each sub-assembly BOM, and copy that to the sub-assembly item’s valuation rate? Why can’t it grab the valuation rate from the total cost of it’s BOM?

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If you have stock of raw-material item’s available, and if BOM for the sub-assembly item’s valuation is set to be calculated on “Valuation Rate”, then clicking on “Update Cost” will update raw-material and BOM prices. Following this approach, go on updating cost from raw-material to sub-assembly to FG item’s BOM.

Thank you so much for your reply umair. I completely understand that, and what you described is exactly the process I follow. My problem is that a manufactured part’s valuation rate on its item page is not automatically set to the part’s BOM Total Cost.

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Is BOM for the sub-assembly item Submitted?

In the finished Item’s BOM, what is the value selected in the field “Rate Of Materials Based On”?

Is BOM for the sub-assembly item Submitted?


In the finished Item’s BOM, what is the value selected in the field “Rate Of Materials Based On”?

All of our BOM’s are set to Valuation rate, as we want it to grab the latest purchase prices of received items.

Here are some screenshots (all in one image, as I’m only allowed one image per post):

  1. So, I’ve got a sub-assembly called LBOTMARG1KG, with Valuation Rate = 0 (this is my issue):
  2. This is the sub-assembly’s BOM, with two items in it. Item 1KGCR243 now has a valuation of 0:
  3. When I click on Update Cost, it updates all this BOM’s materials’ valuation rates correctly:
  4. This BOM now has a new total cost:
  5. BUT, and this is where my issue comes in, the sub-assembly item (with new BOM cost as seen in 4.) still has a valuation rate of 0:

Does this make sense? Or am I missing something completely? Sure I can copy the total cost from the BOM manually to the sub-assembly’s valuation rate, but it seems then that with any BOM cost updates, the valuation rate won’t change?

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I am also struggling with this issue, especially since my BOMs pull from the Price List. How can I populate the total cost of a sub-assembly in its parent BOM?

@umair, I’m mentioning you as you replied earlier to this thread. Can you maybe take a few seconds and have a look at this one?

Hi all, bringing this back to life since I have the same problem. Anyone have a solution for this?

Any update on this?
Our products is combined of different sub assemblies, and unfortunately the price of the sub assembly is not taken from the BOM total price.

any update on this ?

Im also facing the same issue. Value of sub-assemblies not update on main BOM

I encountered this issue also just now, can somebody help with a solution regarding this?

The “Update Cost” button just won’t be able to update the sub-assembly item’s rate based on their default BOM (created & submitted prior to the creation of the new BOM).