Get User Roles: frappe.get_roles

This function doesn’t seem to be constructed correctly:

def get_roles(arg=None):
	"""get roles for a user"""
	return frappe.get_roles(frappe.form_dict['uid']) // problem is the literal 'uid', which is not referenced anywhere else in the document

When I call frappe.core.doctype.user.user.get_roles() I get a key error (which makes sense):
KeyError: u'uid'

When I substitute a valid user name in the bench console I get the same key error.
KeyError: u''

I also can’t seem to find an instance of it actually being called, which makes me think it’s unused legacy code. It is not called in the test, My best guess is that it’s useful but unfinished. If I’m not using it correctly, I’d be thrilled to be corrected.

Yes this seems weird and is not used.

Maybe a topic for the frappe forum? ?

I’ll move it over there. Shall I open an issue as well?