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ERPNext is featuring your stories!

Baffled already? Let us elaborate, please.

We are glad to have a family of more than 15000 members here. With your queries/feedback/suggestions, ERPNext has grown as a product, and we are thankful to have you as an integral part of this beautiful journey.

Having said that, we are eager to know how ERPNext has changed your life (for good we presume :smiley: ). We would like to cover your stories and feature them. It could be from a partner, vendor, student, business tycoon, nomad, literally anyone. We are excited to know your ERPNext journey, so bring it on.

You can DM me with your details (email ID). An invite shall be sent to you for a video call at your convenience. These stories shall be featured on

Here’s a snapshot of one of the recent stories with Teabox for your reference. Customer Success Story - Teabox

We are looking forward to hearing the camaraderie so, hurry up!

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