Getting 403 by doing a production order

Hi, amazing framework and app, I’m really impressed of what can be achieved by using ERPNext, but the point is that I’ve made a Sale Order and this Sale Order includes a Project, and inside this Project there is a BOM, all this going well but when I go to the Sale Order to make a Production Order it sends me an 403, the user requesting to do this is super admin, it has all privileges, here is more technical info:


Thank you in advance :smiley:

Thanks for the kind words!

Checkout the detailed trace form your bench console (if you are running developer mode) or logs/frappe.log if you are running production mode.

I had it on a staging server that I destroyed but for a strange reason in a VM here in my pc I followed the same procedure and it worked at it should, I’ll be doing more testings in order to see if there is any bug related, honestly, do you have any way to contribute or donate to the project? I’ve looked over all the sites of ERPNext and I didn’t found any link.

Keep the good work guys!