Getting All User

i am trying to access all user email addresses from a user login, but not able to retrieve all of them.why
In user login how to access all user mail from user list . Using the below code getting only few records from user login.

function checkUniqueEmail(field) {
console.log(“Checking uniqueness of email”);
const email = field.get_value();
console.log("local user ",email){
    method: 'frappe.client.get_list',
    args: {
        'doctype': 'User',
        'filters': { 'email': email },
        'fieldname': ['name']

    callback: (response) => {
        console.log("Response for email uniqueness check:", response);
        if (response && response.message && response.message.length > 0) {
            field.set_description('This email ID already exists.');
        } else {
            console.log("no response")



@PRaful_9898 you are filtering users with that specific email, so you probably getting 1 user at most .

@PRaful_9898 can you share the same screenshot full to the right corner . is there a yellow restriction icon ?

yes .check the email is already exsist or not . but i cant access all users in user list .because i am in user login not in Administrator login. so cant access all users .

In user login →

In administrator login →

In user login has limited users .so validation did not work currectly

@PRaful_9898 do you have this icon or no ?

Yes .