Getting An error during upgrade from V14 to V15

Facing this Error

Incompatible Frappe Version:
Please switch to version 14 of Frappe to use the current version of India Compliance.

This happens when i start the upgrade command

Steps being taking during upgrade:

Upgrade Process:

  1. Navigate to Bench Directory: Open a terminal and navigate to your Frappe Bench directory (usually frappe-bench).
  2. Update Node.js (if needed): Ensure you have the Node.js version recommended by ERPNext v15. Check the documentation for specific requirements. Use your preferred method to update Node.js (e.g., official installer, Node Version Manager).
  3. Switch to v15 Branch: Run the following command to switch to the v15 branch:

bench switch-to-branch version-15 frappe erpnext --upgrade

  1. Migrate Data: Execute the following command to migrate your data to v15, addressing potential errors:

bench migrate --skip-failing

Uninstall old india_compliance app & pull version 15 from git. It worked for me.

But wouldn’t that mess up the current configuration of taxes I’ve already setup in the existing erp?
Things such as HSN of items and Tax calculation wouldn’t get messed up?

Hi Ashayramolia,

When I migrated to V15, I did not notice any loss of Tax Structures & HSN etc.

To be confident, you can setup another bench & populate your current in a site therein and check before proceeding.