Getting Broken Pipe error when i am trying to hit the api of server

Hi i am in a testing phase of api testing. I am able to test the api of my local system in postman

But when i am trying to access the api of server from postman

Can you tell me what i am missing??

Have you tried using a domain name rather than

There is no domain name linked to the ip right now. Only ip is there

You can make any fake domain name and add it to your /etc/hosts file.

hi @volkswagner .
My server is hosted on AWS. And when i trying hit api which is on server inside erpnext, internal server error is coming. As you can see on the second image.

I’m not sure if this is related to your issue or not. I’m just saying use of
is a bad practice. That address = the entire IPV4 space, ie anywhere. Different applications
and operating systems handle this differently. For example, some see it as an invalid address.

I suggest implementing a domain name and setting your site to that name.

Since you are working locally, does this mean your server has a full GUI installed?

You can pick any non-routeable domain name, like mysite.lan or testing.88

The nice feature about this is you can set any computer’s host file to point
to the ip address and it will be resolvable.

I don’t want to go into too much detail if you already know these facts.

Please explain why you are not using a domain name?

Hi @volkswagner
In first image i am hitting api locally.
But in second image, it is not displaying in the image, but i am using my server url and path of the api.
And it is giving me this broken pipe error.
Have you understood the issue??

You say “server url” is that or is it your private or public ip?

@volkswagner Its my private, which is generated by the aws

Are sure you are using the lightweight/local approach?