Getting data from a child table into another form


I’m hoping someone can help with this. I have entered a description for the operations in a BOM form. This description is in the operations table on the BOM form which links to the BOM Operation child table. I would like this description to appear on the appropriate job cards that are linked to this BOM. I have created a custom field called ‘description’ on the Job Card form. The idea being that the operation description from the BOM is displayed on the job card for the people completing the operations.

This image shows the operations and descriptions I have entered into the BOM form. For example, for the ‘Chrome OD Plating’ operation the description is ‘50 - 70 Microns, Mask Where Required’

This image shows the fields in the BOM Operation child table.

This final image shows the Job card and has the description field that I would like to show the description entered into the BOM form. The BOM number is shown so I’m guessing the data from the child table has to be filtered by BOM number and operation name, also on the job card.

If anyone is able to help with a solution I would really appreciate it!

Based on my understand from the screenshot I can see a field called operation with link field so you can try to use fetch option on the field as shown in below image in Job Card doctype.

Please find below link to understand more about fetch field option:

Thank you @Aadhil_P_M for taking the time to respond.

I’m afraid that fetching the description from the operation form won’t help. I have to edit the description of the operation for each individual BOM as each item we make may undergo the same process (for example, bronze plating) but has different requirements (thickness of the plating). I’ve tried to fetch from BOM Operation table but the field is coming up blank. This may be because the information has to be filtered by the specific BOM number and Operation name. For instance I only want the description for Chrome OD Plating for this BOM number to appear on the Chrome OD Plating job card.

I hope that makes sense!