Getting duplicate entry for child table records

this is a doctype called “Financial Counselling” which has a child table linked to it

the child table called “Package Exclusion Item Table” has two fields, one is data field and other is link field for another doctype

this is the doctype called “Package Exclusion Item” which is linked in the child table

when I am creating the records of “Financial Counselling”, getting error “duplicate name” for the child table “Package Exclusion Item Table”

a child table will include duplicate records, right? then why “Package Exclusion Item Table” child table not including duplicate records. Is it because of the naming series of the child table

the naming series of the child table is based on a field, so is that reason for not allowing duplicate records in the child table?

Hi @Vinay1,

Typically, naming rules are applied to the parent doctype, not the child doctype. It’s important to note that if you define the rule based on the fieldname, it becomes the unique identifier and cannot be used for another record. If you encounter this issue, it’s likely due to the uniqueness constraint.

Thank You!

hi @NCP, thanks for the reply
but there is another doctype which is completely similar to the above mentioned doctype in terms of usage and definition
it is called as “Package Inclusion Exclusion Item”, it also has naming series based on a fieldname,

there is a child table called “Package Inclusion Exclusion Item Table” which has “Package Inclusion Exclusion Item” as link field just like how “Package Exclusion Item Table” which has “Package Exclusion Item” as link field

and this child table is used in the doctype “Financial Counselling” and the way both doctypes ie., “Package Exclusion Item” and “Package Inclusion Exclusion Item” defined is same and also the way they are linked to “Financial Counselling” is also same (via a child table) but Package Inclusion Exclusion Item is allowing duplicates but Package Exclusion Item is giving error for duplicates
why? what might be the issue?

Hi @Vinay1,

The key point is that it is not recommended to establish the naming convention for a child table. because it’s hard to maintain.

Thank You!

hi @NCP,
Thanks for the solution
I removed the naming series for the “Package Exclusion Item Table” and it is working fine