Getting empty screen with one image after Login

Hello Erpnext team,
I have installed ubuntu 16.10 . why i am getting this blank screen instead of desk?
Any help will be appricated.

Try to reload the page

Pull the latest repo of Frappe and ERPNext and update the bench.

I have already installed the latest version 2 days ago.

This was an Issue which is fixed recently. Please either update your bench or migrate after pulling the latest repo.

Thanx. i will let you know after updating

I have updated bench using command ‘bench update’ but problem still not solved

try bench --site sitename migrate

Have you installed any custom app on your site?
If not, please run below commands
bench clear-cache
bench build
bench migrate
If yes, please ensure whether you have any GIT repositry for your custom app.

you can return older frappe or change frappe this problem appear when use latest frappe but not compatible with your work

Hello All,

I am new to ERPNext. I too am getting the same issue as originally put by “mubashshir”, though initially I was able to access the ERPNext through browser.

Any help would be appreciated.