Getting ERPNext installed for Developing

Hey all,

My name is Tristan and I am a senior level comp sci student. For one of my courses, I have been tasked with contributing to an OS project and I chose ERPNext. I have the virtual box app installed and working however I am unsure as to how to run it in developer mode & start manipulating code.

With that said, I am looking forward to working with the system!



PS. I am MORE than welcome to suggestions regarding how I can begin contributing ie. documentation needed, easier bugs to fix, etc.

Welcome Tristan!

The Virtual Image on the website is for Production, and not Development. For development you want to setup ERPNext using Bench in a VM (or not depending on how you want to do things), we also have a Vagrant Box, but the support for this is limited.

Then you should go through our tutorial

And / Or go through the video tutorials

To start contributing you can think of a worthy feature / fix that you think could be useful to the product, or just go through our issues list and start looking for relevant issues and feature requests. There is also a beginner friendly tag.

Finally, if you need help, just make a post here, or on our Gitter.

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@bergstrat I think you joined in at the right moment. And I’ll try to persuade you to chip in with a project I try to accomplish.

There is a dsicussion about developing a Docker environment going on and seems someone like you (IT background and time to spend on a project) would be an ideal candidate to jump on to it

Addition: if you through some of the threads regarding docker you’ll mainly see that there have been started some efforts here and there but no one till the day seems to have pulled it off really.

All existing projects I am aware of lack mainly due to the fact that they bundle all services that serve ERPNext in a joined effort in one image/container which is not how it is supposed to be. I suggest whether this is a project you might consider worth your while just let me know and I’ll try to coordinate this. You can either respond here or ideally in this thread

Hi @bergstrat. Thanks heaps for choosing ERPNext to contribute to.
Can not quite tell from your post as to where you are at with your local VM setup but I would heavily suggest using the official Frappe Vagrant VM Box that you can download from here.

This page details installation instructions for windows but should be easily transposed for OS X or Linux.
There are several different projects currently occurring like Dockerfile, New POS Module, Greater Third Party Integration, Tutorials, and then of course there are the core ERPNext, Frappe and Bench builds. Have a look around and find an area of the project that interests you the most.
If you have any questions just post back here.

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