Getting Error every after a minute or so

I am using ERPNExt v12 latest pull. My setup was working fine until I updated the system just someday the week before last. And since then I am getting the below error after every minute or so. Could someone please help me resolve it. I think that my email are not going through because of this error now -

NameError: name ‘update_site_config’ is not defined


Can you please share the screenshot of you site_config.json ?

You know what, you gave me a good hint. I found the problem. You were right, it was in my site_config.json… It had a line ----> “pause_scheduler”: “0”

For some reason, ERPNext doesn’t like the " [quotes] around the zero. I didn’t put it though but I remembered that my site was set to be undermaintenance after bench update because system updated it to be maintenance_mode = “0” and it worked fine when I removed the ’

Thanks a lot