Getting Error from app which is not installed on site - MultiSite / Multitenant Installation


i have multisite installation, and different apps installed in different sites. Now i am getting error from app, which is not installed on current site.

This app is hooking customer onload action:

doc_events = {
    "Customer": {
        "onload": "my_app_name.my_app_name.customer.update_customer_methods"

Hook replacing default customer method:

def update_customer_methods(doctype, event_name):
	Customer.load_dashboard_info = load_dashboard_info

When i reload page on some customer doc (on site where is not installed this app), i am getting error from this my hook. I am not understand it, maybe some bug?

I have lot of small custom apps with hooks, all of them working correctly.


ERPNext: v11.1.25 (master)
Frappe Framework: v11.1.26 (master)