Getting error while configuring gmail in erpnext

Can any one help what is wrong i am doing.


Please, create New Email Domain for Gmail, then create new email account.

Again getting the same error
My usecase is:- i need to integrate gmail in my erpnext so that if i will send email than one lead will generate in my lead list.
can you please help me with steps:-- i will be very greatful


You don’t need a domain for gmail. Unfortunately, that error message is not very helpful! Just as a first troubleshooting step, are you using an app-specific password? (or, alternately, have you turned on access to less-secure apps?)

yes i have turned on my gmail access to less-secure app. but still i am getting that issue

Is the email account saving, despite the error? If so, are you able to test to see if it’s working?

i have tried that but this is comming

Right, is the error preventing saving? That’s what I’m asking.


Anything in the console or the server logs? Also, what version are you using?

Did you setup email Domain going to settings > Email/notifications > Email domain and then setting up gmail pop or imap and smtp settings, if not then set it up.

Then try to add the gmail account under email account.

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