Getting involved : Documentation

Good day to the DEVS

I had a few servers running V12 but in Feb this year I decided to migrate to V13 and also
consolidate my servers into one machine ( multitenant , wildcard, sub-domain ).

So I started using V13 and before I come to the actual reason for my post, I need to say
thank you to the DEVS. I am getting to know the “new” features of V13 as I go along
and I really like it e.g. the dark-mode and the feature to be able customise the ICONS
on a page and also create alert indications. Also, the discount accounting. And yes there
is a little bug with that but I have faith that you all will clear that up. But previously I had to
do it “manually” through the “charges” table. ( these are just some examples)

While working with V13 one needs to refer to the help-documentation and I have seen some
of the documentation that seem to be not up to date.

I do not feel that I am able, at this stage, to contribute meaningful regarding coding but
perhaps I can contribute by assisting with updating the help documents ?
Not sure what the required qualifications will be that I need to have, but I would like
to offer that to you. I have a training-background and feel strongly about promoting
knowledge as part of the open-source-principle because that is the best way to promote

This would be a small way for me to contribute towards ERPNext. My offer stands.


The documentation is a wiki that anyone can edit. Please jump right in!

Thanks @peterg !

Going through the guidelines and standards as we speak !

Hopefully , in this way, I can make a small contribution instead of just asking questions on
the group !! :wink:


Not sure if I should open another thread for this ?

I have identified a page that requires updating but this contains a video. I can upload my video
to my own channel and link it in but I should imagine that these videos should be kept
in a central place. But I will not have access to that channel. I assume the channel
belongs to ?

Is there a contact person that I can forward the video so that it can be uploaded to the
correct channel ?