Getting issue with - frappe docker images on running configurator

Is there somebody able to help me in this? The application itself is working properly but this service is configurator is still exiting with following error. Thank you in advance!! :pray:t4:

b34d187c2655732a708d8e2a417c5e7f6974d8b465630b9ef26aa13ae9a7f12f crowdechain/omnicommerce:0.0.1 “bash -c ‘bench set-config -g db_host $DB_HOST; bench set-config -gp db_port $DB_PORT; bench set-config -g redis_cache "redis://$REDIS_CACHE"; bench set-config -g redis_queue "redis://$REDIS_QUEUE"; bench set-config -g redis_socketio "redis://$REDIS_SOCKETIO"; bench set-config -gp socketio_port $SOCKETIO_PORT;\n’”

the container exits after setting config

Revant. Thanks a lot!!

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