Getting material request and quotation from purchase order

I am in the process of implementing erpnext.
I try to do buying cycle from material request → material request(purchase)-> purchase order, and receipt.
The user need to print po with material request and quotation number in the po print out.
Is there any link beetwen them?


You can create custom fields and link them to the Material request and Quotation no. of the relevant PO.

Refer the following link for creating custom fields : Custom Field

Any custom fields with the same name will be imported when you do a get items from.

I just realize that po print format already have material request field on the item table .
I think it link to the M.R for that particular item.
Is that means that one po can be created for many request?
Many thanks for the replies.

Yes, You can go to Purchase order → Create New → Get items from → Select all the Material requests for which the the Items have to be fetched in the PO.

Ok thank you.
In that case I just need to collect them all when I print the PO
eg: Material Request: MAT-MR-2019-001, MAT-MR-2019-002 … etc.
What is the event triggered when we do Print for PO?
I think there should be the appropriate place to handle the collecting codes. (?)
Any idea how to best handle this ?
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laurence, thanks for the info . Its help me a lot

Can you show me how to input the Material request number in the printing of Purchase order, please.

So you can create a custom print format for Purchase Order. Go to the PO document, click on the print button and go to Settings >Customize.

Next, go to the Items table and click on “Select Columns”.

Next, select the “Material Request” checkbox.

And save this print format.

Now while printing the PO, select this print format to print.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks @michelle,
I can do it. Great !