Getting paid by credit note from customer

Hi all,

after some weeks of testing ERPNext I am facing my first challenges. Maybe someone of you can help:

In Germany it is quite usual to pay a supplier by issuing a credit note to him. This credit note will then be paid immediately. Especially recurring payments are handled this way. The advantage of this is, that the supplier has not to deal with anything (especially no invoice), but the customer has to take care for everything (sales invoice, paper work, etc.).

In this context I am the supplier(!) and I want to create a credit note in ERPNext instead of a payment. As far as I can see, in ERPNext credit notes are always created from the client perspective. Also, a pro forma invoice can only be created as variant of a sales order, but not as sales invoice. But I need a pro forma sales invoice to track my incoming credit notes.

Does anyone face the same issues or did solve it in the past?