Getting started with Print Formats, any helpful ressources?

Hello everybody,

I am trying to create custom print formats for invoices, quotations, etc… and have a hard time finding my way around.
I have looked through the tutorials for jinja and understand how things are built, but might have missed something somewhere.

Two questions:

  • Is there some kind of library containing examples to get started and see how others built their template?
  • Where can I find all attributes that are available to print onto f.e. an invoice? Like doc.net_total containing the net total etc.

At the moment I am trying to set up a basic invoice template to get the hang of it.
Next step would be to create an invoice template with seperators/grouping of certain items as our invoices get pretty long with 3-4 “categories” of items which should be grouped for better readability.

Some guidance would be greatly appriciated!
Thanks a lot!

Loooong ago I created a post on my personal website - I don’t know if this will still work on v14, but it’s a start point