Getting the Actual Quantity of an Item

Hi ! I’m trying to get the actual quantity of an item, what I have to do is
I have to loop all the delivery note and stock entry of that certain item. Is my procedure right?

Have you tried these reports?

  • stock ledger
  • stock balance

Hello, yes I know those reports. But what I want is if I have a Python script that returns the Actual quantity of the stock, is there a method that I can just call?

I haven’t tried this out myself,
check if this helps?

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Hi ! thanks for the link, I’ll check on this.

erpnext.stock.utils.get_latest_stock_qty () worked for me

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This might oot from the op or outdated alr but this helped me out:

This will returns all your items with actual qty to date per WH & Comp, but for now with no pagination nor filters added…

Thank you…