Gi2Et - App to pull details from Github Issues into ERPNext Task

If working on github issues is to be time logged using ERPNext. It becomes easy if issues are pulled into ERPNext tasks using Github API.

Gi2Et is named by @gvrvnk


I’m interested by the idea. There is a patch for the known bug ?

I could pull issues from github repos.

You need to generate a API token Sign in to GitHub · GitHub

Set the token in settings Gi2Et Settings

While adding a project, add the github url of the project.

Use Task Sync Tool. Gi2Et Task Sync

Also solved the ascii issue. Not working with frappe/bench repo · Issue #5 · gaurav-naik/gi2et · GitHub

Test it out and suggest how it can be part of ERPNext on the github issue Sync Issues from a specific project with Git/Bitbucket Issues [Tracking] · Issue #8669 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub

We actually host our Git Server so how could I do ? Because there’s no API Token then

I developed the app for pulling github issues specifically

It needs to be modified for other hosts. gitlab has similar authentication methods as github.
Assumption is git host is web app with REST API

If you can suggest any UI/UX for
How to connect to different git hosts?
How to add git host specific endpoint?
how to enable / disable this feature.?
Sync Tool not required, button on project can be added directly?
any other suggestions

is it possible to call sync via API, or have a cronjob running to automatically pull from github regularly?

It is manual now. You’ve select project and sync.