.git 269M! and docs has 107M!

414M .
269M ./.git
107M ./erpnext/docs

It’s useless to deploy an erpnext with docs (in production).
source code is so huge, it’s miserable to clone a full repo in CHINA.
Code including static files only has 38M, is it possible to seperate docs into an independent repo and reduce .git size?

Unfortunately, the documentation is tightly coupled with the code, because a lot of it is auto generated. A shallow clone would reduce the .git folder size I believe

Also, you could setup your own git repository that is updated from the main repository, and then deploy your production server from your git repository instead of the GitHub one.


Can we just clone one branch, not all the branch of erpnext?
For example, i just setup for production, so i just clone the master branch.

This question is not really related to Frappe/ERPNext.
Refer to Git - Branches in a Nutshell

Bench clones as shallow by default, so we do not download the full history. I think its a fair compromise for now.

Internet speeds are bad in India too, so I understand the concern!