Github issue merges

A while back I posted about cumulative discount per group instead of per item. I raised a github issue as was recommended.
I understand that one needs to raise the priority of these requests by getting +1’s on the issue - but - it happens frequently that instead of adding comments etc to the existing issues, we create a new issue.
This dilutes the available resources and actually drops the priority. In checking if there was any news on my request, I noticed another issue which has a similar basis.

My question is this: Is it possible to request that these similar issues get merged so that they can (hopefully) move along in the queue?

I do, of course, understand that my priority is not the same as other users, and that the priority is moderated by the team.


i think that they still haven’t read that new issue yet. I’m pretty they will close down one of the issue and reference the other one once they deemed that the issue is the same.

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