Github labels "project"

As you all are well aware, there was an effort recently to label all of the github issues in the erpnext repository. In the interest of keeping the list of issues maintained, I have been going in every few days and labeling new issues that are coming up. Not sure if anyone else is doing it, but after spending a good deal of my time getting to a cleaned up state, didn’t want the list to get out of whack again either.

In looking at the frappe repository

There are 197 open issues that have no label. Is there an interest in getting this list cleaned up as well?

Also, what about “framework” labeled issues in the erpnext repository that really are frappe related? What is the thought about those? Should we open cross-repository issues?

Lastly the bench repository has 42 unlabeled issues

The last release of bench was Aug 2016. What is the typical release cycle for bench?