Giving resellers access


A few questions before we decide what platform we should use.

We got several products we manufacture, these products are sold by stores, retailers, agents to their customers we call them our dealers. Our dealers got different discounts on the products.

So - is it possible with ERPNext for our dealers to log on, find the products they need for their costumer - make a quotation, send to their customer - and then if the customer accepts, the dealer makes the order to us on the ERPNext portal?

Thanks in advance.

Not out of the box. You will have to customize ERPNext for this.

Hello. Thanks for your reply. Are you a programmer, do you do custom work like this? If not - where can I find someone? :slight_smile:


you can find the freelancer or service provider here
or you can post the job on community portal - jobs

Thanks, Makarand