GL Account numbering issues (After update to v10)


After updating to v10, I have had 2 issues with accounts numbering:

  1. Old version v9:
    I used to add my account numbers next to account name, where all reports are showing the accounts numbers I’ve added (Trial balance, financial statements, and other reports…). This trick was pretty fine with me until the new update pops up.

  2. New version v10:
    After activating accounts numbering, all new accounts that I’m adding with by filling the account number in its field, I got into 2 problems:

A) Trial balance and financial statements are not showing accounts numbers for the new accounts I’ve added.
B) I can’t do the old trick where new accounts where the account name remains without numbers.

Now, How I do solve it where I want all my numbers shown to the mentioned reports above…! What if I disabled numbering feature? is it possible?

hi any updates to how to add numbers in Trial balance and financial statments