Global Defaults & a Custom Field Type


Where can we set the Global Defaults for the following setting:

Also, what should be done in case we want a Read-Only Field in Form which is computed when we open the form and is not stored in the Database? I hope this is a clear question, because It would be difficult for me to describe the use case.


1- This is a bad system, you should use

frappe.db.get_single_value("Selling Settings", "cust_master_name")

2- You can set this in the onload event of the controller

I did not get you on the first one. I was just trying to understand where can we set the global default in case we would like to use the naming series as the name in customer doctype.

secondly, yes we can set the data for the field in onload event. But my question was can I have a field type which is not stored in the database. If we use “read only” type it is stored in the database. I assume there no such type as of now.