Global filter to show data?

Hi everyone,
I am trying to create a dashboard in both erpnext and insights. i have multiple charts in that dashboard like total sales, new customers registered, etc. I can show these charts separately, no problem.
What i want to do is to have a date filter somewhere in the dashboard and then show all the data in the charts pertaining to those dates only. The dates are changeable.
i can probably do that for each of the charts individually, but i have too many. so i want a global date filter that would change the data in all the charts.

Is this possible anywhere in insights? or erpnext?

For ERPNext, it is not possible. and insight, no idea.

Yes, this is possible in Insights.

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Awesome. How can i achieve that?

In the dashboard you get an option to add global filter. Next, select the columns in each chart for which the chart will be filtered, in your case date. Then you can apply filters globally and all the charts associated with that filter in the dashboard will get filtered accordingly.

Docs: Dashboard Filters | Free, Open Source, and Community-Driven Data Analysis and Visualization Tool.


Works perfectly. Thanks!