Global Picking List for Selected Sales Orders

I want to print a picking list for selected Sales orders. This list should recap all the items which are needed to prepare for the Sales Orders and should print all items in selected Sales Orders.

Item1 => 10 units
Item2 => 25 units

and so on

Later I will split the picked up items according to individual delivery note.
Any idea how to do this?

Good Day

I Pick note / Slip would be a great idea as a seperate Doctype as an order could be delivered on availability and split up in different periods needed.
We used the draft delivery note as a Pick Slip with some modifications, but a separate Doctype would be great.

Thank You
Albertus Geyser

in other ERP like Odoo, it is called picking wave

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Pick List is in our roadmap, and should be shortlisted and further developed in the upcoming versions…Stay tuned! :wink:

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