Global Search Customizing

Hi team,

Today I’ve watched webinar about ERPNext 8. And Global Search looks awesome. Thank you very much. And I asked on the webinar about adding possibility to change “In Global Search” flag using “Customize Form” and received answer that it is possible… I am using developer branch but I haven’t found possibility to change it using “Customize Form”… it is not added yet? also I asked earlier about possibility to changing “Bold” using “Customize Form”.

Thanks for your answers.

You can set the ‘In Global Search’ property of the fields in Customise Form.

The property only appears for text-information fields, like Data, Email, Link to name some (It doesn’t make sense for things fields like Section Break)

‘Bold’ however, isn’t available for Customise Form.

Hi, thanks for your answer. it is possible that I use wrong version but my Customize Form doesn’t have this field. But ok if you have. Thanks;-)

Maybe you need to bench update or bench migrate

Hi, thank you. I run both these commands but unfortunately it didn’t help.

Looks like an issue. Thanks for reporting; we’ll fix this soon.