Gmail behavior, all mails read and random important indicator

I have recently set up our gmail company account as default outgoing.

Now, all mails are indicated as read (also new mails) and rather random indicates as important.
What could this be, and of course how do i get rid of this behavior

By any chance, this email address is also being used in some smartphone or outlook / thunderbird mail client?

Well of course we have this Gmail on our Android Phones, but that has been the case for years.
No we dont use outlook/thunderbird.
After I added the account to Erpnext, one day later I noticed that all mail, also the under social tab ( i hardly look at these) are set as read. Now also a new mail coming in is set as read. So i do not know anymore what is really read and what has been read by Erpnext.

What surprises me is that there must be many Gmail users, and it seems no one has this issue

ERPNext marks you emails as read when it download it to ERPNext.
It’s a standard behaviour. Otherwise, it may invite more inconsistencies in email reply you sent and received from the clients.

Most of us do have dedicated email account for which ERPNext does all pushing and pulling emails from the service provider to ERPNext so that our teams can work and coordained directly from without leaving ERPNext for emailing.

Programmatically one can keep emails from your mailbox marked as unread, but that feature / option is not available at present with email settings.

Thanks @yashodhan for your reply.
I am not sure whether the current behavior is indeed what the designers had in mind (@umair??)
I checked “Communications” under CRM.
All mail, including spam, the 100s of notification mails of Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, that I never look at are pulled in Communications!!! Also the timestamp for all this mail is set to the date I connected Gmail to Erpnext. So the original date of the mail for sorting/filtering seems to be lost
And, as said all mails are “read” with a random “important”.
Finally, a considerable number of mails is set as “linked”, including (semi-) spam. If one runs the “linked with” it will not produce an error, but will just not stop. So it is not possible to find out to which Doc this mail is linked. I believe this may be one of the more serious issues, since it seems that i have a whole bunch of non relevant mails linked to unknown document
I is hard to believe that this is what the “team” had in mind.
Apart from the hick-ups the attachment of communications to a Document is a brilliant feature

@becht_robert you should use a special email id for this account, which you would not normally check via GMail. Once an email is pulled into ERPNext, it should be replied from Opportunity.

Hi @rushabh, thanks for your advice.
I have to thinks this over, how i could implement this.
I believe in most organisations the email account (outlook,gmail, yahoo or what ever) is a kind of central point in the daily work.
If I understand you correctly, I should do all email communications related to Erpnext doc’s from within Erpnext only.
That is not very practical.
I send an invoice to a client (that is what i have been doing since that functionality exist). The client replies. I see this on my Gmail account on my mobile telephone. But I should not read this from my phone, but switch to Erpnext (if installed as an App) and reply from there.
Or do I really miss out concepts?? rgds Robert

@becht_robert I agree, if you are planning to reply from your gmail then it does not make sense. The erpnext app is a bit cumbersome to reply. So as of now, it is a compromise :confused:

Thanks @rushabh_mehta,
As stated several times before it surprises me that this has not been discussed before on this list. The somewhat unexpected behavior of linking Erpnext-Mail is not properly documented (at least i have not seen it) and one would expect many users having a similar surprise.
So to use the functionality of Erpnext mails in full, I should have a dedicated account, only used from within Erpnext.

What I have understood from the documentation is that replies on mails send from ERPNext are filtered out and attached to a document (which it does perfectly??). So Why is it required to store all mail in the communications table, and not just the ones linked to a document???

Are there any plans to improve the present functionality in the near future??
Rgds Robert

Replying since this still occurs. All emails are marked as read on the home account. Emails should be marked as read ONLY after they’re read. imap allows that.