Gmail Group as Email Account

We use Google Workspace and we have multiple Groups that we use to receive leads, supports, and such. Each group has an email address (ex: but there is no password for them. How can I use the email address and add it to ERPNext? Every time I try adding it, it asks me for a password. I tried checking the “Use different Email ID” and add my email and authorize it, but I still don’t receive the emails sent to the group. Any solution for this?

We have a similar topic but have not yet rolled out Google Workspace for mailing.
My approach: Create one system-user account in Google Workspace which have all functional email addresses as aliases. You have ti change the google groups email addresses beforehand. These account has to integrated of every different sender address seperatly. In ERPNext you can choose the sender mail address.

It will solve the issue with the mail box integration but it is also blocking to use Google groups and the advantages of the functions.

Has someone else implemented this in another way?

It’s possible there’s a pathway with the Connected App feature but I’m only using for a Google Drive integration at this point. I have seen others using it to fetch mail.

So, instead of having the google groups, you created aliases for the google user account? And then added each email acount to ERPnext, using the alias as the user id, and the same password for all of them? Or how did you work this out? As I understand, the problem is that the “Always use accounts email address as sender” check is not working on v14

We have not yet set up like explained. It is our plan to have one functional user who has all special e-mail addresses as aliases and then create several e-mail accounts all with the same credentials and check “Use different E-Mail ID”

@Gabriela_Sanchez short feedback: It is working like planned. We use one Gmail-user for several company addresses with aliases.
We filter the incoming emails according to the receiving email address to the corresponding labels.
Alias-addresses also added as sender aliases in Gmail.
Added the same account with different E-mail-IDs.
Adding the messages from the labels to the different docTypes like support, communication etc. via the IMAP-Details.

Well it does not work for me. I made a username with Google Workspace, and no matter if I configure the alias directly to this email, or the google group as an alias to this email, all emails arrive to the Email Account of… so I don’t know how to make this work.
Can you explain a bit more about your settings? what I am missing here? Any help would be much appreciated!!!

No Problem:

  1. You have your single system user account eg.
  2. You create within this account several aliases: eg. support@, sales@ noreply@ etc.
  3. You need to add labels(work like folders) to the GMail postbox according to the aliases
  4. Add filter to the postbox with the options: To:, Skip Inbox, add label Support
  5. Add for each the main address and for all aliases a email account to ERPNext with the main email address as alternative address.
  6. Add in IMAP details (if you need the incoming mails) eg. Folder Support and connect to issues