Going for vacation

When some employee came to work to a company after one year working to the company he can ask for vacation on a period of time, let say his vacation can be 12 days,
is there a report that tells that this employee is already on the company for more than one year, and as acummulated X days of vacation base on the time he is working on the company,
on my country an employee as right for one day of vacation if he works one month so 12 months is 12 days of vacation, but its only applied after working one full year, and the second yer as right for 24 months of vacation on the third as about 30 days, after 3 years the days of vacation doesnt change anymore.
is there a report? or any development for this

Have you tried Leave Allocation? i think it handles this.

yes, on leave alocation you must do it manualy there are no info for how many days this employee have worked, but thank you, leave allocation, you must set that that employee must have a leave if you dont set you wont have an alert that, the vacation for that employee are due date

Hi @Dany_Carvalheiro! In Employee Doctype there is a field “Date of Joining”. This can be your employee’s start date, From there, you may create a report to compare today’s date from employee start date to see how long the employee is already in the company. Also, you may want to make a bit of a customization using Email Alert to set notification if an Employee is already 1 year or is nearing his one ear of service. Hope this helps!

thank you can you support how to make this alert?

Hi @Dany_Carvalheiro! You may want to check this out link.