Going to /desk while not-logged in gives error

Not sure if this is a bug or a “feature”. If you go to /desk when not logged in, you get an error that you are not authorized to see the page with a button to the login form. While that is nice, I would expect the software to simply take me to the login form and then redirect me to the desk afterwards.


Building on this, a minor irritant for me is when i am on a record, and I get logged out because of inactivity. The I have to click “login” login, and then find myself at the desk as opposed to where I was before being logged out.

I like how Wordpress handles session timeouts - they show a modal with a login, so you can login and not lose your place.


This could easily be handled with a cookie or something. The cookie is updated when you open a document. If session is closed and you login again, you can be prompted to go to where you left off last.

I’m thinking I need to put in a github issue for this.

Went ahead and opened a frappe github