Gold store system

Is there is any way to change the price daily for all the item i have … for a gold store system … you know gold price rate will change every day …

Hello @GhadaEbrahim,
You can do this in multiple ways. It will depend on complexity of your setup.

  1. You can write a scheduled job the updates price of all items.
  2. You can keep Gold as an item and then use item_bundle and then update just one/few item via scheduler. .
  3. You can use BOM and the update just gold(item) price via scheduler.


  1. For scheduler read this part of documentation of Frappe Framework.
  2. Product Bundle - Read this part of documentation of ERPNext.
  3. BOM - Read this part of documentation of ERPNext.
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Thank you for your reply@esafwan
after my research I think Pricing rule is suitable for my case.

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I think creating a new Currency is also viable option. We did that maybe 15 years ago for a gold store with another ERP. (Ounce price of the gold)

Hi @TurkerTunali
Can you explain more about creating a new Currency? How it will work?

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You can create the new currency and use the exchange rate in terms of gold price. Daily basis you just need to update the exchange rate between your Billing currency and the currency you created as the price fluctuation of gold.