Good News: Frappe/ERPNext works on native Windows 10! BUT ....!

If you have windows 10, you may be now that it now comes with WSL: Windows Subsystem for Linux (also called Windows Bash)

The Linux subsystem is a full bash shell environment, with all the programs (apt-get!) that come with Ubuntu Server.
Just mind that there is no Linux kernel, the subsystem uses systemcalls to the windows kernel. But for all means and ends it feels like you are working on a real ubuntu distribution. Networking works fine, and running webservers is no problem.
That means you can do all your Linux development work within windows.

The only shortcoming that I see is that there is no Upstart or Systemd, so no autamatic startup of programs: all programs need to be triggered manually at startup.

The windows 10 Aniversary edition has Ubuntu 14.04 LTS (with python 2)
The windows 10 Preview editions come with Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (with python 3)
more info: How to install and use Linux Bash in Windows 10 | TechRadar

Image: Windows Bash running all ERPNext processes for production.

I have ErpNext production now running on localhost, port 80, and it works!!

I just do not know which commands I have to run to get Erpnext starting again (because the startup script does not work, there is no Upstart or Systemd included in Windows Bash.

But I have a problem: how can I startup Erpnext production manually? (or with a simple bash script)
Any help is welcome!


See solution here How to startup erpnext without startup script?: