Good US based erpnext support

Is there any good US based support for erpnext?
We’re deploying it in a small business here and i’d like to deal with a support company that we don’t have a language issue with.

Help anyone?

Please check

And what exactly is the language issue?

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Looking at that page, only 2 of the companies still seem to be active any more.
As for the language issue, i’m only fluent in english and so often when you go international for something like this you get people whose native language is not english. This causes needless issues in communication.
I guess i could ask for any good support based in an english speaking country?

That may have been the case many moons ago. I guess judging by the users post you would realise service providers are very fluent in English. Heck, the whole software was written by folks whose native language is not English. Language issue would be the least worry for you.


I’m a US-based service provider. I agree with @Muzzy: I find that language is very rarely a problem; almost all the communication around this project happens in English (with the second-most common language on this forum being Spanish and the communities in Central in South America that are using ERPNext). It’s usually the time difference to India Standard Time, especially for folks on the West coast, which matches poorly with (California for example) business hours.

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I am also a US-based service provider (but exclusive to my client base). I also agree with @tmatteson and @Muzzy that even though the software is written mostly in India, all of the servcie people there I have dealt with have a better understanding use of English than many college educated kids I know. Some may have a thicker accent that others, but they are all eager to help and communication has NEVER been a problem. They all love the project and go out of their way to keep it relevant in the market.

I have also used developer groups in India, Philippines, and Brazil to get my custom work done for my ERPNext clients. I have spent many hours on Skype or Google Hangouts calls with all of them and always been very happy with the results.

Again to point out what @tmatteson mentioned. You will only have to work through the time zone issue.

Hopefully you find the folks associated with this project as genuinely helpful as I have. Good luck with your implementation project.



Thanks @tmatteson and @Muzzy for the thoughts.
So far, i have to admit i’ve found the erpnext foundation support a bit lacking.
When i origionally started with this project i tried connecting with support through email in hopes of setting up a time to talk over the phone to discuss my needs but was never successful.
There were several unanswered emails and i even paid for a one year cloud license in hopes of getting further but was never successful. If anyone could give me a dependable way to communicate with support i would be greatful.
The easiest method for us is still to call someone using the phone.
Anyone have any good contact info i can try?
I’d also like to have someone i can contact during the day if possible which is another reason i prefer someone in the US.
Any ideas?

There is a fledgling USA based foundation group that is active. You might be able to connect with them for some better guidance for your particular situation.

Are you already using ERPNext in your business or still just evaluating it?

If you are using it already, you may find most of your answers here on the forum.

I know that it is certainly great to be able to talk on the phone to a support team. I provide that for all of the customers that I have setup in the past because they would not be able to get reliable contact with the resources in India due to the time zone differences. Plus, I sometimes have to actually visit my clients to make sure training and such is kept up to speed. The thing I learned fast was to use the forum board as a source of help in lieu of the phone. It was not a comfortable adustment, but one that paid off in the long run.

I sent you a PM earlier and in that I mentioned using LinkdIn as a resource. I have found several small businesses there doing ERPNext support of one sort or another.

If you are already using ERPNext as your business software and are in some dire straights, I will certainly try to answer a question or point you in the right direction.

Hope you can get things sorted to your liking and have a good experience with the system. One thing to remember… All of us that contribute to the project through help on the forum, writing new software features, or helping to debug the latest releases, we are all doing it because we both use and believe in the project. You may not get answers or features as fast as you want all the time, but at least you are not paying the same prices as you might with something like SAP or any of the other proprietary systems that view ERPNext as a threat to their existence.

Patience pays off most of the time.



I help US companies install. I am based in the LA area