Goods In Transit ( stocks are getting doubled.)

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Goods In Transit
Send to Warehouse: If the Material is being sent at a Warehouse and needs confirmation at the receiving end, this document will be selected in the Stock Entry with type ‘Receive to Warehouse’ to confirm how many items were received. The status will be ‘Goods In Transit’ until all goods are received, after which the status will change to ‘Goods Transferred’.

it’s not working according to the above scenario.

As I send Item from warehouse-A to another warehouse-B then the same time Stock is also get received at Warehouse B. And status is showing In transit.

If I do receive In Transit stocks, then the stocks are getting doubled.

or am I doing wrong ??

pls guide.

Jawahar R Mallah

Hi Erpext community,
Will anybody guide help me on this topic.

Hi @netmanthan

I did not even know ERPNext has a goods in transit functionality. How did you achieve this??

I think it’s new feature in version 12.

I’ve trouble getting this to work too.

When I create “Sent to warehouse” stock entry from warehouse A to B, after submit in “Stock Ledger” or “Stock Summary” it shows that stock already transfer to warehouse B.

When I tried to create “Received at warehouse”.

  • If I let auto-fill fill all fields (Source is warehouse B, Target is blank) and press Submit it will create error show that “Target warehouse is mandatory for row #”.
  • If I tried to manually select target warehouse it won’t work either ways
    • (B to B) Error: “Source and target warehouse cannot be same for row #”
    • (A to B) It will work with double entry (One when create Send to and another when create Received at) (A to B)
    • (B to A) Will work but it’ll revert stock transfer

Should we create GitHub issues?

yes create it.
facing same here.

Its in develop branch. Wait for testing to happen and move into V13. I dont think it will be available in V12.

I think it’s in develop branch 9 month ago and has been merged into v12.

As you can see at stock_entry.json on version 12 it already has Send to Warehouse and Receive at Warehouse options.

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This would be a very much needed feature, but at the moment it is not working as conceptualized, it is doubling the transaction as stated.

If I am not wrong, this feature is already in POS Bahrain. I know one of our client is using it to transfer goods from 1 location to another by having an intermediary warehouse.

I also have queries related to stock when we create an item we get the field named as ‘opening stock’ . What is its function …as in if we write any number in it i dont see it getting linked to any warehouse

Am not sure of this Muzzy.

I use bahrain and it does not have this feature.

Unless there is a setting I need to check ?

I know this feature is being used. No sure how. @fkardame is on leave this. He knows how it was deployed.

I’ve created GitHub issues for this issues.


I am facing the same problem.
Was stuck on it for the whole day thinking I am doing something wrong yesterday before dropping to this page and realizing that its a fault with the system.

Looking forward to a solution to this, since its a very important and needed functionality.

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Here how I fix this.
I edit this file apps/erpnext/erpnext/stock/doctype/stock_entry/
on update_stock_ledger method


it will update from this

to this

tested on
erpnext 12.5.1
frappe 12.3.0

Not working.

How can we fix this?

erpnext 12.10.1
frappe 12.8.4

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still no idea

Hi, did you get any fix for this issue?